About us

SevenVentures was founded in 2009. The era of digitalization has seen the birth of many new business models, but many that also lack capital. This is where the SevenVentures team comes in:

We have designed a flexible investment model consisting of minority shareholdings and media cooperations to offer young companies the necessary support. In return for a share in a company's equity (Media-for-Equity) or revenue (Media-for-Revenue), companies receive a package of financial resources, advertising time and numerous other services. Opportunities and risks are therefore shared. In 2019, we utilized 1000 hours of advertising time to help 70 current businesses on their path to success. We have already supported companies such as Zalando, Lieferando, Shopkick and Küchen Quelle on their way to becoming market leaders in Europe.

Investment criteria

f Companies

Growth companies with minimum turnover of 5m euros, clear monetization strategy, scalability of business model, fit with our target groups, attractive Unit Economics

. Geography


, Sectors

Insuretech, Fintech, Proptech, Digital Health, Food & Nutrition, OTC Pharma, Travel, Home & Living, Fashion, Beauty & Accessories, E-commerce, und Lead Generation.

Level of investment

3-30m euros in combined media and capital

i Investment period

Within our normal two to four-year investment horizon, we make a substantial contribution towards achieving dynamic turnover growth and a significant increase in the company’s value.