7VPD goes European:  start-ups pitch to win  millions of Euros in TV ads

What is it all about?

We are looking for the most innovative and creative founders and start-ups to pitch their concepts on 7VPD @ the NOAH Conference in London on November 12th, 2015. If you can convince a tough, distinguished jury that your business idea will rock the markets, then millions of TV marketing budget will help you make a breakthrough in Europe.
Every TV Company is choosing one startup from their region to run the competition and to pitch their business ideas to the NOAH audience as well as to representatives of the five Media Groups.
The contest will be broadcasted live here.

Apply now, pitch and win –become “The Venture of Europe”!

Germany’s largest TV company announces together with its European TV partners TF1 (France), Channel4 (UK), TVN (Poland) and Antenna Group (Greece) the next 7VPD in London. 

Apply until October 26th 2015 by clicking here

Who can apply?

Start-ups of German Speaking countries that have the ambition to run the show for ProSiebenSat.1 
Your internet or mobile company addresses to consumers (sorry folks – no B2B, pure tech or infrastructure companies) and TV can make the difference for your business model. You are already fast growing and are ready to get big in Europe.
Become a member in our hall of fame with winners like GetYourGuide or Withings that are successfully driving their business forward!

How to apply?

The application is free, finalists are already winners: they will be invited to pitch their company on stage on 7VPD @ the NOAH Conference in London, highly acclaimed for being one of the best Capital Market Conferences worldwide, attracting over 1.000 Attendees from all over the world.
Applicants have to provide:
•    Basic company information 
•    Contact details for management and/or for a company representative
•    A brief description of the product or service
•    Detailed information about the company’s business model, USP, market and competition 
•    A link to a video or slide presentation that provides in-depth information about the business and product